Lighting Fixture Styling Ideas For Small Areas

Many of us Singaporeans live on a limited space. That’s why it seems impossible to get great interior done, especially putting lighting fixtures. However, fashion is limitless and everything is possible, even if your space is tight.

If you are looking forward to changing your lighting on your lovely home, I have great tips for you! Read on to know more about creating lighting tips and ideas for small spaces.

This article will give you the best lighting fixture options available in Singapore.

The Secret: Make the place look bigger.

LED Flat panel DownLight Singapore - Aspire Lights

In tight areas, making the space look bigger is the key for the ultimate style. With that, it is best to select neutral and pastel colours to make small areas appear larger.

With appropriate lighting choices, the illumination will compliment the impression you wish to create. A small room which is well lit with bright lights, will create the illusion of more space, hence giving more room for the eye to see potential styling.

To elaborate further and give you a better picture of what is being explained, see the following lighting fixture types and their abilities to make a space look bigger

Fitting twin LED Downlight Singapore - Aspire Lights

Recessed Downlight & Cove Light

When space is solely small, floor lamps may not be the best choice. Recessed Downlights offer a clean and minimalist lighting option, which is good for space saving purposes. Well-planned recessed downlights are excellent for general ambient and task lighting.

Recessed downlights work best together with cove lighting. Cove lightings are a form of indirect lighting, where the light is directed upwards to the ceiling. With cove lightings complimenting downlights, the reflections take the edge off, providing a gently soft and warm glow, creates a cosy ambience versus clinically starkly lit room.

Backsplash Light
source: creativemirror.com

Backsplash Light

Backsplash lights aren’t your common lighting fixtures. These types of lights are typically installed under cabinets, feature walls, platforms to provide localised lighting to enhance visual aesthetics. With the versatility of LED strips, you’re able to create the glow of your choice in tandem to the colour schematic planned by your designer.

Backsplash lights are great for small spaces because the illuminating effect behind objects gives it a miniature illusion, making it minimistically stylish.

Esprit LED Pendant Light Singapore - Aspire Lights

Pendant Light

Pendant lights are no doubt a style statement for rooms, especially rooms that have limited space. Pendant lights are floating lights that come from various styles. Meaning it offers multiple benefits in terms of practically and aesthetically, given enough light to illuminate a small room, provides light for reading and relaxing, while looking exquisite and trendy.

Black LED Wall Light 3 Way Singapore - Aspire Lights

Wall Light

If your floor or ceiling space is limited, then let’s take advantage of your wall space. Wall lights are a great way to enhance ambient lighting to small areas. A slim and sleek wall light design will keep your room look clean and fuss-free.  You may explore the possibility of installing the wall light above eye level, to create the illusion of more height.

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Ceiling Light

If you are unsure of the right style or size of statement light for your room, minimalist Ceiling Lights and Semi-Flushed Light are the simplest light choices which will give you enough room light.  Beside the common round or square frosted ceiling lights, there are plenty of stylish options as well.  Furthermore, square ceiling lights with built in tri-colour light and remote dimmer function are common these days, which you can enjoy both ambient and task lighting.


How to choose the best lighting?

Now that you got the illuminating ideas of the different lighting fixtures, you are left with the question on how to choose the best lighting fixture type for your small home. This is hard to answer as it needs further inspection to know more about it. It will be best to consult someone who can help you by deciding which fixtures to get. Someone who is proficient and has been working with lighting over the years.

We can help you with that. Aspire lights is the leading LED light fixture dealer in Singapore. We provide high quality led track lights, downlights wall lights and more.

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