Black Instant Heater Rainshower Set Mistral MSH88MB


Elevate your shower experience with the Mistral Instant Heater Rainshower Set in Black. Enjoy instant warmth and a soothing rain-like cascade, bringing comfort and luxury to your daily routine. Explore the perfect blend of efficiency and relaxation with our cutting-edge instant heater technology. Upgrade your bathroom oasis today!


Strong & Powerful Instant Heater with Rainshower Set

Mistral Instant Heater Rainshower Set – MSH88MB Matt Black (DC PUMP)

  • Rain shower column
  • Multi-massage sprays sensation
  • DC silent inverter pump technology
  • Built-In ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)
  • Anti-Scalding
  • Safe and reliable
  • Instant heating
  • Splash proof to IP25
  • Economy
Power Rating:  3.3kW
Voltage:  230V
Frequency:  50/60Hz
Min. Water Flow Rate:  3.0 Litres/min
Max. Water Flow Rate:  7.0 Litres/min
Min. Water Pressure:  2.5 Pa
Max. Water Pressure:  43.5 Pa
Product Dimension(H x W x D):  395 x 230 x (70-88)mm
Water Connection:  15mm diameter
Gross Weight:  4.7 Kgs

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