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BTO Lights Fan Package 4-Room

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1x Ceiling Fan / 1x Pendant Light / 10x LED Ceiling Lights

Area Quantity Item
Foyer/Walkway 2 Choose 1:

1)      Ceiling Spotlight with LED GU10 Bulb

2)      Crystal Light with LED Bulb

Living 1 Aeroair AA120 Ceiling Fan + LED Light 24W Tri Tone

Black / White, 42” / 52”

Dining 1 3-Piece Set Pendant Light + FREE LED Bulb
Bedroom 3 LED Ceiling Light 48W Tri Tone
Kitchen 1 LED Ceiling Light 48W Tri Tone OR

Track 1.5m with 3 Tracklights

Bathroom 2 LED Ceiling Light 20W Daylight
Store / Yard 2 LED Ceiling Light 20W Daylight



1) Optional Installation – $270 by Cash/Paynow to electrician upon job completion.

Install on existing light points only, does not include other electrical works, e.g. relocate light point.

2) You may choose to swap the light/fan to different areas.

E.g. Living – Ceiling light, Bedroom – Ceiling Fan

3) Selection of models is subject to stock availability, while stocks last.

4) Aspire Lightings reserves the right to substitute the models and/or end this promotion without prior notice.

5) Warranty:

LED Ceiling Light – 1 year carry in warranty

Ceiling Fan – 1 year on site and parts by Aeroair


BTO Lights Fan Package For 4-Room Flat

Our unbeatable BTO Lights Fan Package, designed to blend style and functionality seamlessly. This package includes:

Key Features:

  • Ceiling Fan with LED Light:
    • Available in sleek black or classic white
    • Choose between 42″ and 52″ sizes to perfectly suit your space
  • Customizable LED Ceiling Lights:
    • Mix and match LED ceiling lights for your foyer, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom
    • Select your preferred designs to create a cohesive and personalized lighting plan throughout your home

Optional Services:

  • Professional Installation:
    • Ensure a hassle-free setup with our expert installation services
    • Available for an additional charge

Our BTO 4 Room Flat Lights & Ceiling Fan Package offers a perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, providing you with high-quality lighting and cooling solutions. The ceiling fan with an integrated LED light not only enhances the air circulation in your room but also adds a modern touch to your décor. With the choice of black or white finishes and two different sizes, you can easily find the perfect fit for your home.

The customizable LED ceiling lights allow you to personalize each room, ensuring optimal lighting for every space. Whether it’s a welcoming glow in your foyer, a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom, efficient lighting in your kitchen, or bright illumination in your bathroom, this package covers it all.

For your convenience, we offer optional installation services, ensuring that your new lighting and fan fixtures are installed correctly and efficiently. Our professional team is ready to handle the setup, allowing you to enjoy your new upgrades without any hassle.

Discover the perfect lighting solutions for your home at Aspire Lightings showroom. Here, you can:

  • View and Purchase: Explore our wide range of lighting and fan options in person.
  • Select Your Preferred Designs: Customize your selections to match your style and needs.

Enhance your BTO 4-room flat today with our unbeatable Light & Fan Package and experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Visit us today!



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