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LED Ceiling Light Rectangle – Luxe


Model LED Ceiling Light Rectangle – Luxe
Suitability Living, Bedroom, Dining, Kitchen, Study, Balcony
Colour Black | White
Dimensions L80 x W14 x H4 cm
Light Source Built in LED & Driver
Wattage Daylight/Warm White 42W, Cool White 84W
Color Temperature Tri Tone (6000k Daylight, 3000k Warm White, 4000k Cool White)
Material Metal frame, Acrylic Cover
Remote Yes, with dimming, night light & last memory function
Warranty 1 year carry in (Onsite service available from $50)
Installation Excluded, call 69090528 for quote


Revitalize your space with the Luxe LED Ceiling Light Rectangle, a fixture that delivers efficient, stylish, and contemporary lighting solutions. This sought-after lighting solution seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. Choose from three distinct color temperature options—invigorating daylight, cozy warm white, and crisp cool white. To customize your ambient lighting and adapt to various moods and occasions, whether it is performing tasks, work, study or chill relax.

Enhancing the user experience, the Luxe LED Ceiling Light Rectangle comes equipped with a remote control. To provide convenient dimming capabilities and a last memory function. Easily toggle between the three different light tones. It effortlessly tailor your lighting to specific needs and enhance the versatility of your space.

This rectangle ceiling light features a sleek, modern, rounded rectangle shape, this ceiling light effortlessly integrates into any interior decor. Whether your design preferences lean towards modern Scandinavian, Japandi, minimalist, or industrial styles, the Luxe LED Ceiling Light complements a variety of aesthetics. Its sleek design not only elevates the overall ambiance of your space but also offers the practicality of customizable lighting to suit your preferences.

It is most popular in kitchens with long, rectangular layouts, where effective lighting is essential. The Luxe Rectangle LED Ceiling Light stands out as a stylish and functional choice. The three color temperature options cater to different preferences, ensuring that your space is well-lit and visually appealing. The addition of a remote control enhances convenience, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the lighting to suit diverse occasions.

Embrace the efficiency, style, and contemporary design of the Luxe Rectangle LED Ceiling Light. It transforms both the visual appeal and functionality of your living spaces. Whether you lean towards the warmth of inviting tones or the crispness of a cool ambiance, this lighting solution provides the versatility to effortlessly create your desired atmosphere.

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