LED Ceiling Light – ST Grey Gold


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Model LED Ceiling Light ST Grey Gold
Suitability Living, Bedroom, Dining, Kitchen, Study, Balcony
Colour Gold with Hairline Grey
Dimensions D40cm x H6cm
Light Source Built in LED & Driver
Wattage Daylight/Warm White 24W, Cool White 48W
Color Temperature Tri Tone (6000k Daylight, 3000k Warm White, 4000k Cool White)
Material Metal Base, Acrylic Frame & Cover
Remote Optional – with dimming, night light & last memory function
Warranty 1 year carry in (Onsite service available from $50)
Installation Excluded, call 69090528 for quote


Aspire Lightings presents our meticulously crafted LED Ceiling Light ST Grey Gold. The frame is classy hairline grey and gold trimming, designed to flawlessly complement any modern interior design styles.

This modern light fixture suits various spaces, including the living, bedroom, kitchen, and dining areas. Introducing an innovative Three-color light tone toggle feature.  The LED Ceiling Light ensures a seamless transition between warm white, daylight, and cool white light, offering control at your fingertips to immerse yourself in the gentle glow that best matches your mood. This feature provides an exquisite balance between serenity and vitality, ensuring your living space mirrors your desired atmosphere. Aspire Lightings invites you to illuminate your abode and embark on a captivating journey of self-expression, epitomizing refined elegance.

To enhance the user experience, you may add on optional remote control to this LED Ceiling Light ST Grey Gold, providing not only convenient dimming capabilities but also a last memory function. This added functionality lets you effortlessly toggle between the three different light tones, tailoring your lighting to specific needs and further amplifying the versatility of your space. As you transition between warm white, daylight, and cool white light, the remote control becomes an essential tool in crafting the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Experience the epitome of refined elegance with Aspire Lightings. What’s more each element is thoughtfully designed to elevate your living spaces to new heights of sophistication and self-expression.




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