Round LED Ceiling Light Circular Cylinder


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Model LED Ceiling Light Round Circular Cylinder – 2033
Suitability Living, Bedroom, Dining, Kitchen, Study, Balcony
Colour Black, White, Antique Rose Gold, Gun Metal
Dimensions Diameter 125mm x Height 75mm
Light Source Built in LED & Driver
Wattage 22W
Color Temperature 3000k Warm White, 4000k Cool White
Material Metal, Acrylic Diffuser
Warranty 1 year carry in (Onsite service available from $50)
Installation Excluded, call 69090528 for quote


Round LED Ceiling Light – This Round Cylinder light elevates your living spaces to the epitome of contemporary sophistication with our meticulously crafted design. Engineered for enduring performance and superior quality. This luminaire features the cutting-edge Bridgelux LED Chip, ensuring an optimal brightness that blankets your space in a harmonious glow.

Embark on a journey of modern elegance with our ceiling lamp, available in distinctive colors like Gun Metal and Antique Rose Gold, as well as timeless options in elemental black and white. These refined hues seamlessly integrate with any decor, imparting a chic and modern accent to every room. The versatility of this round LED ceiling light makes it a seamless fit for a range of spaces, including the Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, and even the Balcony.

Its adaptability extends to various interior design styles, such as modern, Nordic, Scandinavian, Japandi, and even vintage Victorian. The modern gun metal and antique rose gold round ceiling light effortlessly complements trendy bathroom accessories in gun metal and rose gold. Additionally, the black and white ceiling light is a perfect match for Japandi and contemporary monotone interiors.

Customize your lighting experience with the LED Ceiling Light’s warm white light at 3000k. It creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that enhances the comfort of your living spaces. Additionally, the 4000k cool white light emulates natural daylight. It makes it an optimal choice for areas like bathrooms and kitchens where task lighting is essential.

Invest beyond mere illumination; embrace a statement piece that revolutionizes your living space. Undoubtedly, this Round LED Ceiling Light not only serves as a source of light but also stands as a design element contributing to the overall aesthetic of your space. Hence, immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of style and functionality with this contemporary lighting fixture. Elevates the ambiance of your home with every effortless flick of the switch.

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